The wedding anniversary of Michaela and Jacob began early in the morning in the common apartment.

After the bride was dressed, we went together to the hairdresser. There, all the women of the family arrived.

To put on the wedding dress it went back to the apartment again. Here helped the sister, the bride in your dream dress.

After the Getting Ready, it was the meeting point with the classic car, which the two had organized for their wedding in Straubing.

An old Chevy Bel Air - very cool part.

The portraits shoot took place on Theresienplatz in the heart of Straubing. I really have respect for every couple who trust that.

The church wedding ceremony took place in the Christkönig church in Straubing. From there we went to the Gasthof Karpfinger in Aiterhofen.

Thank you for your confidence and I can show your pictures here.

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